Monday, May 10, 2010

Junk Drawer Vol. II

I've stolen almost all of these from a website you should already have bookmarked unless of course, your a dummy. in that case, my'r

Junk Drawer Vol. I

I still dont have a camera. but alot of people do. they use their camera's to take images, and they even put them on the internet. i do have an internet. so i spend alot of time looking at my internet and all of the images other peoples cameras have taken. sometimes i really like what i see on my internet. so i steal the image and put it into a folder. not a real folder, but a computer folder. i rarely look at these images again unless im sick of my desktop image and i'll revisit all my stolen images.

so due to lack of interesting content in my non-internet life, here are some of those images ive stolen.

I will try and keep them loosely sorted due to their content and/or awesomenessocity

do enjoy.